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Budget pothole fund not nearly enough

Road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has said that while the £420 million in new investment to tackle Britain’s pothole crisis is welcome, it doesn’t go

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Expensive Clause
After my accident, the tow-truck eventually took me to Legacy Harley in a town called Midland. The Legacy staff were exceptionally kind and thoroughly decent human beings, but to my surprise, the hire company EagleRider (a division of Harley-Davidson
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure6 min de lecture
NOT riding Route 66
The bike immediately went into a tank slapper that took me across two lanes and the hard shoulder of a totally empty highway. Somehow, when the bike stopped shaking, I was still on top of it. I'd like to say it was my skill that kept me on the bike b
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Large And In Charge
Stepping aside the Springfield is like casting your leg over the back of a Clydesdale horse – the initial impression being of size, underlain with a subtle hint of hidden power and strength. Not only is the Indian physically large – the 67” wheelbase