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Pelicans to Portraits

Born in England, I migrated to Australia in 1968 at the age of ten. I work full-time as a clerk with the State Government and I live at Lake Macquarie in New South Wales.

I completed an informal art course at Dobell House, Wangi, when my youngest child was 18 months old … because I needed some ‘me’ time. My daughter is now nearly 18 years old.

I have an affinity with the ocean and I love painting the movement of waves; and trying to achieve the translucency of water.

I have an older brother who has been an artist most of his life. As a child, I always compared my artwork with his. As a result, I didn’t

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Australian How To Paint1 min de lecture
• Canvas: 10 x 12 inches.• HB pencil.• AS No.1 Medium.• Mineral turpentine.• Background colours: Titanium White, Manganese Blue Hue.• Coat colours: Ivory Black, Payne’s Grey, Titanium White, Tasman Blue, Pilbara Red.• Eyes colours: Payne’s Grey, Vand
Australian How To Paint1 min de lecture
Master Hints And Tips
• Paper stumps are excellent to blend the first layer of pastel. They can be used to remove excess pastel, and are useful to stabilise a drawing so that it does not smudge. • Colour shapers are very useful to blend heavier pastel if you require a smo
Australian How To Paint2 min de lecture
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Print your reference photo in black and white. • Your pencil needs to be so sharp that it can be used as a stabbing weapon. Turn your pencil after every couple of strokes to get a longer life on your sharp tip. • When starting a new area of the dra