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Summer’s Served
How Ina Garten’s summery cocktail became our official isolation drink of choice. When Food Network host Ina Garten posted a video of herself making a big-ass cosmo on Instagram April 1, she became a beacon for the homebound masses longing to enjoy ha
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Sound Bites
In these disconnected times, the online-video-conferencing program Zoom has been a much-needed savior, but EW’s Lynette Rice doesn’t want you to forget about the OG Before Zoom (and Zumba), there was ZOOM—an unscripted PBS show from the early ’70s th
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Big Brother
LONG BEFORE SHELTERING IN place became a reality, CBS decided to isolate 10 people in a makeshift house for a unique reality show, which debuted July 5, 2000. Big Brother was already a hit in the Netherlands, but CBS’ season 1 format—which gave viewe