Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. But what exactly is imagination?

Some say it is the ability to mentally imagine something – a memory, a picture of the

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The Bluefields Bay Fish
Wolde Kristos was born in 1971 in the town of Porus in the central hills of the island of Jamaica. Abandoned to the streets when he was seven years old, he moved around with a series of informal foster families, finding what became his home in Bluefi
Scoop3 min de lecture
Mindfulness Eat Like A Caveman
What was the last thing you ate? A pack of crisps, an apple? How did you know it was safe to eat? That it wasn’t rotten and would make you sick? Our super powers of evolution have made the thinking process behind what we eat super lazy. We take how w
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The Rain Dance
Hafiz looks out of his window at a blanket of yellowish grey that is enveloping the city. If he stuck his head out, would he be able to see the sports fields down below through this fog? He can’t try as the glass windows need to stay shut. The haze i