Where do your parents keep their money? Chances are that some of it at least is resting safely in a bank. If so, don’t let them read another word of this column or they’ll be worried sick all night. Because this, when you cut away

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BEAT BOXING: Human Music
The lights dim on the stage in Klub Progresja in Warsaw, Poland. The crowd cheers, whoops and whistles as Scott Jackson, official host of the Grand Beatbox Battle, walks on stage and holds up a hand for silence. He raises the microphone to his lips a
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Joseph Coelho
Can you tell us about the poetry you write? I write poems about all sorts of things, from fairy tales about zombies (Zombierella!) to poems about nature, family and the environment. I very much enjoy playing with form – that means I experiment with
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Roshan Adve, Guy Bass, Herbie Brenna, Joseph Coelho, Helena Covell, Ben Davis, Rachel Delahaye, Tom Easton, The Etherington Brothers and David Follett, Philippa Forrester, Minna Gilligan, Joe Haddow, Susan Hayes, Gareth P. Jones, Imogen Lycett Green,