The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

My favourite moment in all literature is when Lucy Pevensie pushes open a

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Joseph Oduyemi
HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH AN IDEA FOR YOUR COMPETITION POEM? I just thought about writing something not overly complex or intricate because poetry generally doesn’t have a plot. I also believed that writing something humorous would add to the competi
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Robots Rebel
Tetris is one of the earliest computer games. When you play it, different-shaped blocks slowly drop from the sky, and you have to move them and rotate them so that they fit together. If you do it well, they disappear. If you do it badly they fill the
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The Duck’s Favourite Ball
Once upon a time Duck and Frog were playing catch with Duck’s favourite ball. When Frog caught the ball he threw it really far away over the hills. Duck said, ‘Do you know where I could get another ball?’ Frog said, ‘Why don’t you ask Fish who lives