CATHY O’Clery and Laurence Brick, the creative and managing director, respectively, of Platform Creative Agency, first met in the ’90s a few years after Laurence. Bringing together a unique combination of retail, design, publishing and marketing skills, theirs is a partnership that has given birth to a successful creative agency, an award-winning trade show and many dynamic projects, installations, curated spaces and brands across platforms.

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14 Earth and Sky
South African artist Dineo Seshee Bopape is just 38 years old, but her work has already had a significant impact on the art scene, both at home and abroad. Her remarkable installations have included an exhibition space with eight-metre-high ceilings
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Cabin Fever
ON ONE LEVEL, THIS SMALL DWELLING in the Overberg is simply a holiday cabin – created and built so that city folk can come to the farm to relax and reconnect with themselves, nature and one another. But it’s also a cabin taken very much to the next l
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