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How I learned to cook

PEOPLE WHO SAY they “can’t cook” make me suspicious. Have they just never learned how? Or are they claiming they can’t because they live with someone who does the cooking? Or because they are addicted to Uber Eats?

But, if not being able to choose a few seasonal ingredients, follow a recipe and focus on the promise of something delicious is a real thing, then I feel sorry for people who can’t cook.

When I moved out of home I couldn’t stories – picnics in the heather with ginger beer and boiled eggs. But then, in my first year at university, I met Polly. She was a second-year student doing a creative writing seminar and living in a flat that belonged to a couple of writer-activist intellectuals. She watched and saw films at the Labia. I was in awe.

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Tender Is The Bite
SERVING SUGGESTION: Black garlic gnocchi with spring greens: Fry Woolworths’ fresh gnocchi in 1–2 T olive oil until lightly golden on each side, then remove from the pan and set aside. To make the black garlic-and-lemon butter, melt 100 g butter in a
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Big Little Sides
“This is my new take on gem squash and I love it! For the pumpkin, keep the seeds intact for the initial braaiing. This prevents the pumpkin from burning and caramelises it, making it sweet and tender.” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation:
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Bunny Love
The beans: Folks get to choose between broad bean and sugar bean-based curries. The dried legumes are soaked overnight until plump before they’re cooked low and slow in the prepared curry sauce until velvety soft. The masala: “We mix our own blend o