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HOWEVER WE DECIDE WHAT defines a Great American Novel in 2019, it must feel a lot

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What to Watch
AMAZON PRIME VIDEO Horror hits home in an anthology drama exec-produced by Lena Waithe that delves into America’s cultural divides. The ’50s-set first season—titled “Covenant” and starring Deborah Ayorinde, Melody Hurd, and Alison Pill—follows a Blac
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Movie Reviews
STARRING IDRIS ELBA, CALEB MCLAUGHLIN RATING + TIME NOT RATED; 1 HR., 51 MINS. The healing properties of horses have been a Hollywood mainstay since National Velvet. But Concrete, for all its familiar themes, still finds bracing ways to freshen up a
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Selena Gomez
ALBUM REVELACIÓN LABEL INTERSCOPE GENRE POP SELENA GOMEZ WASN’T THE FIRST person to think of spending quarantine becoming fluent in another language; she was just the rare one to actually follow through with it. Though the Mexican-American singer has