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I make abstract paintings … occasionally sculptures but everything has circled around painting, and colour, to the exclusion of everything else really, for the past decade.

Let’s go back a while. Tell me about your early years.

I graduated from Sydney College in 1999. I showed in artist-run spaces for almost a decade before my first commercial show. Some of the first shows that really mattered to me, and still do to this day, were at Gallery 19, Imperial Slacks, and Melbourne’s Penthouse and Pavement. I had time to experiment with both making

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Artist Profile6 min de lecture
John Conomos The Master Riddler
In the Aegean archipelago, islands call to you. A luminous pulse in the gathering twilight encircled in an aqua sea. Long after they dissolve into distant light-flicker, they return to hover inside, as afterimage. In memory, they ignite an impossible
Artist Profile4 min de lecture
Burning Bright
Writing after the death of Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol declared that ‘people will be discussing new beauty in Beuys as long as there are people.’ That was forty-four years ago, and Warhol’s faith in his friend remains as affecting as the beauty in Beuy
Artist Profile4 min de lecture
Peter Kingston Take It Or Leave It
The eye, the aesthetic lens of artists, has made an indelible impression upon our everyday. A motorway overpass is very Jeffrey Smart, a hillside of saplings is rather Fred Williams, a backlit side-table covered in flowers is just so ‘Olley.’ So too,