1. HydraPak Velocity IT 1.5L

We love sipping cold water on hot trail days as much as the next hiker, but we don’t love hauling heavy insulated bottles. Enter the Velocity IT, the first reservoir to sport double-wall foam insulation—a much lighter option than a 1-liter metal vessel. Our testers brought the Velocity into the southern Utah desert in

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Backpacker1 min de lectureEarth Sciences
The Long Way Down
Day three of four on our trek of the 46.5-mile Huemul Circuit in southwest Argentina, and for once there’s only scattered clouds in the Patagonian sky. Standing atop 3,269-foot Huemul Pass after 4 hours of climbing, I take a deep breath and steel mys
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ECCO Exohike Retro Hiker
Jackie Bourgaize Reader and Active Pass member* HOME BASE Calgary, Alberta FAVORITE HIKE The Great Divide Trail, Waterton Lakes section FAVORITE TRAIL SNACK Scotch Iusually favor nimble hiking shoes, so I was initially apprehensive about the Exohike
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Hike, Breathe, Repeat
I clawed up the steep mountainside near León, Spain, digging my fingernails into clay to steady my body, pitched forward under my pack. Step, claw. Step, claw. Step. Heavy clouds threatened to downpour. Wind whipped tendrils of hair across my face. M