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Break Out of Your Beauty Rut

et’s face it: every now and then, most of us get into a rut with our beauty routine. I’m the worst: I’m always afraid to alter my skin- or hair-care

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Better Nutrition2 min de lecture
What To Look For In A CBD Product
The quality of CBD products varies a great deal. Look for a company whose website describes its agricultural, extraction, and testing methods and provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA)—results of testing by a competent lab. Tests should be done to
Better Nutrition3 min de lecture
The Cholesterol Question
What is high cholesterol? The answer can be confusing because it depends on an individual’s overall health situation. Cholesterol is one of the markers used to estimate risk for cardiovascular disease, but its impact on your health depends on additio
Better Nutrition1 min de lecturePsychology
A New Year for the Taking
We usually kick off January with a feature article on diet and weight loss. All of this is great, but I wanted to go a little further this year. Michele Burklund, NMD, had just emailed me about the power of creating rituals and how to keep positive m