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Fantasy Is the Ultimate Queer Cliché: An Interview with Carmen Maria Machado
Late one evening early in October, I struggled to fall asleep. The sheets scratched, the cats in the empty lot next door screeched. These small irritations distracted me from sleep just long enough for all the big, looming concerns to descend. The pr
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Fanny Burney, Grandmother of the English Novel
Here is the grandmother of the English novel, Fanny Burney: Looks young in the picture, right? Well, that’s ’bout how young she was when her first novel came out, in 1778. She was twenty-five. That novel (Evelina, or the History of a Young Lady’s En
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Richard Ford Will Receive Our 2020 Hadada Award
Richard Ford. Photo: Kristina Ford. Each April, The Paris Review’s Spring Revel is an occasion for literary celebration. Over the course of the evening, several prizes are bestowed; the most august is the Hadada, the magazine’s lifetime achievement a