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It was with great interest and pleasure that I read Jeremy Tiang’s “The Art of Translation: Many Englishes, Many Chineses” (March/April 2019). I came away very inspired (), which is, of course, already on its way to me as an interlibrary loan.

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Pandemic Pen Pals
Nupur Chaudhury, a public health strategist living in New York City, grew up in the nineties sending letters through the mail. She received weekly aerograms from relatives in India; she corresponded with a pen pal in Texas; her father even took her t
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Writers Confront Climate Crisis
Author and activist Toni Cade Bambara has said the role of the artist is “to make revolution irresistible.” So when Jenny Offill, author of the novels Dept. of Speculation (Knopf, 2014) and Weather (Knopf, 2020), heard about the work of Writers Rebel
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Revising the Dream
PUBLISHING A DEBUT NOVEL IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD BACK in 2019, when I signed the publishing contract for my debut novel, Body of Stars, launch party ideas were already springing to mind. Perhaps I’d host the launch at a planetarium, which would complem