Over the past decade Pat and his team have developed areputation for high-quality restorations. Unlike the dangerous ‘Nammer’ re-builds, Pat’s restorations were built to European specifications 

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Scootering2 min de lecture
Let The Sunshine In Scarborough National Rally 2019
I always judge the potential of an East Coast rally by the amount of filtering required on the A64. This year, I conservatively calculate that I filtered for at least 30 of the 80 or so miles it took me to reach what has to be my favourite British ra
Scootering2 min de lecture
Scooter Details
Scooter model: Originally an Indian GP 150. Didn’t mind chopping an Indian frame up Date purchased and cost: 2012 – Bought as a non-runner for £450 Inspiration for project and theme: Inspiration for the project was a write-up of the Rossa 350 a lon
Scootering4 min de lecture
Team Red Bull Street Racer
It's certainly relevant to Geoff Anscombe's creation, a fire-breathing street racer scooter, based on a thoroughbred Italian Grand Prix. It was sourced and obtained amongst a collection of scooters back in 94 at an auto-jumble held at Imola racing ci