50 Hanging Plants That Will Transform Your Home Into a Picture-Perfect Greenhouse

Plants are having their moment in the sun (literally and figuratively), and with all of the cute hanging planters on the market, you may be yearning to pick up some luscious greenery for yourself. Before you do, it's good to be informed about which plants look best hanging from your ceiling or on your wall. After all, if you're putting these nature-made beauties on display, you want something visually enticing for the space. Luckily, we've rounded up some lust-worthy houseplants that range from long vines to low-maintenance air plants, all of which we can assure you will complement a hanging planter. Let's have a look!

Hedera Algeriensis Ivy

Study the innate beauty of the Hedera Algeriensis Ivy's ($17) wandering vines as they overflow your planter!

Pilea Peperomioides

The coin-shaped ($46) are one of a kind and contrast beautifully against white walls!

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