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Guadalupe Nettel and the Extraterritoriality of Latin America

In “After the Winter,” the novelist imagines a new relationship with ghosts, literary and otherwise. The post Guadalupe Nettel and the Extraterritoriality of Latin America appeared first on Guernica.

Guadalupe Nettel’s body of work has accumulated the prestige it deserves—most recently, for , Nettel won Anagrama’s prestigious Herralde Prize, awarded to an original Spanish novel. She is an author who resists easy classification, and the constant quality and variety of her work has won her the only thing a writer truly needs: the freedom to go on writing whatever she wants. Free of complexes, free of systematic philosophies, of trends and repressive ideologies, free of the need to please, Nettel, who was born in Mexico City and has lived between Mexico and France, has become a compelling  example of contemporary Latin

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