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Ultimate Mineral Guide

Minerals are often the gatekeeper when it comes to your body’s ability to perform complex, enzyme-dependent metabolic operations and even to access important vitamins.

Take iron. “In my practice, I saw [a lot of] females with anemia,” says Darrin Starkey, ND. “But now we’re seeing more boys with anemia as well.” Starkey points out that the reason for this surge in anemia may have less to do with iron and more to do with molybdenum.

“Molybdenum is the gatekeeper for iron stores in the liver,” says Starkey. “Without it, your liver won’t release its iron stores effectively, and you could wind up with iron-deficiency anemia.”

Molybdenum is what’s known as a trace mineral (also known as microminerals). Minerals in your diet come in two categories: macrominerals such as calcium and magnesium, and

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