Fifteen years ago in the Egyptian desert, the artist Emilia Kabakov – along with a group of children – created an art installation that has reached far and wide. Together, children from Siwa, where girls and boys are strictly segregated by gender and race, and British children who had travelled from Manchester, made the first

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HARARE Zimbabwe
Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Kayo and I’m ten years old. And on my eighth birthday I got surgery! It wasn’t good, I stayed in the hospital for two and a half days! Where do you live? What’s the name of your town/village/city and coun
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Chris Young works as a children’s specialist for Golden Hare Books, an independent bookshop based in Edinburgh – this involves trying out all sorts of ways to get kids into reading. She also works as a part-time librarian, doing a similar job! She ha
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Meet Our Very Special Podcast Guest Michelle Paver
Can you describe your Wolf Brother series in 120 characters? A boy, a girl and a wolf battle evil in the wilds of the Stone Age forest. Expect demons, magic and above all, adventure! What place have you visited that most inspires your writing? I l