In Japan, gardens are seen as their own work of art, inspired by nature, philosophy and life itself. Japanese people avoid using anything fake or artificial in their gardens, and instead rely on the beauty of nature to create ancient, faraway landscapes that remind their visitors of the fragility of life and the unstoppable nature of time. So how do they create such magical spaces, and where do their ideas come from?

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Dear Scoopsters,
All the pupils at Westbourne House School have loved editing this issue about the future and you’ll never guess what … our Year Eights have been so inspired by the creative process that they are going to create their own school magazine. Every pupil
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London UK
Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Flora. I am nine years old and my favourite animal is a tortoise. Where do you live? I live in East London. What is your family like? My family are crazy, especially my brother Clem. He is four and he
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Moon Landings
Fifty years ago, we knew what the future would be. Back then, children for the first time saw images sent from beyond the Earth. They saw Russian cosmonauts space walking and American astronauts walking on the moon. They looked up and saw daring men