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READERS OF Australian Motorcyclist will probably be familiar with Compass Expeditions. It’s the Australian based, international motorcycle tour company that takes adventurers on epic rides like the 105-day Road of Bones – London to Magadan and 80-day Cairo to Cape Town Expeditions as well as shorter tours in Australia and other amazing parts of the world.

We thought it might be interesting for readers to hear about how we do the planning and research for one of our massive rides. While it could be tempting to consult Google maps, buy some stunning photos from I-Stock and “Hey Presto” there’s a new tour, then hope like hell it all comes together, Compass Expeditions invests massively and thoroughly researches every ride, and of course it’s a great opportunity to get out on the road, so no one at Compass is complaining!

Our latest offering is a 90-day Asian Overland Expedition that departs Singapore in February and will travel through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos into China then onto Tibet, visit Everest Basecamp and

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