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Shiny, shiny boots of rubber

eguiar’s has introduced a new addition to its premium Ultimate line of products: Meguiar’s Ultimate Tyre Shine. This brand-new formula is Meguiar’s highest gloss tyre shine to date for customers who want

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Classic American3 min de lectureAutomotive
Keep On Truckin’
We’re all familiar with seeing Crown Vics with their blues ’n’ twos, but they’re fast being de-fleeted and replaced with… F-150s?! No, not necessarily, but Ford has spotted a gap in the market and unveiled the latest version of its all-new 2021 Ford
Classic American6 min de lectureAutomotive
Buried Treasure
Any El Camino is a rare sight on UK roads, which is perhaps why most of us wouldn’t spot the major difference this one has from all other 1968 examples. No, not the wheels – they’re 17in steels and despite being sourced from the US Wheel Corp., they’
Classic American2 min de lectureAutomotive
What The Critics Said
“The Mark III certainly will be the subject of many debates as it shows up in Lincoln dealers’ showrooms… The others, of course, will compare it to the Cadillac Eldorado, for which it is a direct competitor and to the earlier Continentals, Marks I an