Good Organic Gardening


Livewell Farm is situated in Haigslea, just west of Ipswich and about an hour’s drive from Brisbane. Owners Brian and Lisa both enjoy working the 40-acre property but Lisa gives her partner full credit.

“If it weren’t for Brian the garden would not be nearly as fantastic,” she says. “He’s out there every day tending to things, planting, planning, enjoying it. His constant attention makes it thrive.

“If it was left up to me the garden would still be in early developmental stages or dead. I get super excited about doing something then distracted with life outside the garden. Brian’s the workhorse; I’m more the visionary.”

That said, Lisa would prefer the fruit trees, ornamentals and other bits and pieces weren’t “just plonked in”. She laughs, “That annoys me. Brian is an ‘It’ll be

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Whole Pineapple Cake
• 1 pineapple• 1½ cups (150g) almond meal• 2¾ cups (250g) desiccated coconut• 1 tsp baking powder• 6 eggs• 250g saster (superfine) sugar• Toasted coconut flakes, to serve• Natural or Greek yoghurt, to serve Pineapple skin syrup • Skin 1 pineapple• 2
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Off The Planet
Zinnias are bright, bold and literally out of this world: they have made it into space. A few years back, a small orange zinnia flowered aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and became the first ornamental to bloom in space. The event was twe
Good Organic Gardening4 min de lecture
What’s Good For The Gooseberry
Gooseberry is a cool-climate berry that may leave many people underwhelmed as the fruit is small, tart and found on prickly stems. But if you grew up with a gooseberry patch, they are sure to be a sentimental favourite. Gooseberries are not easy to f