Naturally beautiful

If you could rewind your past, what would you change? Would you become a slimmer, svelte version of yourself? Make bucketloads of cash? Live off the grid, just you and Mother Earth? Visit more far-flung exotic places? Run off with your first great love?

While we can’t go back and press reset, we can move forward in a positive, proactive and life-affirming way. It begins by taking time out to pause and ponder, to reflect and take stock of old habits — discarding those that no longer serve you well, in all areas of your life, which includes your beauty routines and habits.

A holistic approach to natural beauty takes into account mind, body and spirit; eating clean and green to rid the body of toxins, nourishing your mind and nurturing your spirit. After all, true beauty shines from within.

Talking toxins

Toxins are all around us in the form of everything from air pollution and pesticides to the food we eat, the shampoo we use, the cleaning products in our homes, the clothes we wear and even the multimedia images we’re exposed to.

Exposure to toxins over time can create a toxic overload, impacting implicitly on how you

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