November is your month in many ways. Firstly, let’s celebrate the Sun’s return and the fact that October 28’s new moon in Scorpio provides a head start for rapid progress. Then there is the potency of a Mars-Jupiter harmony, while Taurus’ full moon illuminates the heart on November 12/13. Add in the fact that from November 19 Warrior Mars transits Scorpio and it’s natural home. This empowers you, forming numerous water and earth harmonies between December 2 and 23. Your inner warrior is best sustained by peaceful surrounds in which to work and dream, and close loving bonds. In this way, you come home to yourself.


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In its most basic form, honesty is telling the truth — but it runs much deeper than that. Honesty is about baring your most authentic self to others yet remaining true to yourself. As humans, self-deception is a natural coping mechanism. Forget the “
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Podcasts For A Better You
Radio Headspace: Feeling anxious, down, distracted or jittery? Calm your internal chatter and check in with yourself with Radio Headspace. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long, so you can take some time to reflect while drinking your morning cup
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Ikaria: Foo D And Life In The Blue Zone
Dive into the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and immerse yourself in the food and lifestyle of this beautiful blue zone in the Greek islands. Ikaria taps into all your senses through its soulful dishes, tales of community and cooking and immersive ima