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ADDITION TO its awards for the best photographic products of the year (which we featured in our 31 August issue) the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), runs its own pan-European photography competition, open to both amateur and professional photographers. Called EISA Maestro, the competition revolves around a different theme each year. The theme for 2019-20 was ‘Power’. The winning entries from each of the 15 participating

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Amateur Photographer5 min de lectureVisual Arts
Natural Talent
It’s already been a long day for Polina Plotnikova by the time we sit down to chat over Zoom. The award-winning photographer was recently invited to join the assessment team at the Royal Photographic Society and has spent much of the day learning how
Amateur Photographer2 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
Step By Step – Martin’s Mono Conversion In Lightroom
To start with I selected the Lightroom Crop Overlay tool (R) and applied a cinematic crop to the photograph. In doing so I applied the ‘rule of thirds’, where the horizon line lay on the bottom third dividing line. I also trimmed the left side as wel
Amateur Photographer1 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
ISO And Noise
The crops shown below are taken from the area outlined above in red Shoot in raw between ISO 80 and ISO 800 and you’re guaranteed clean, noise-free images that don’t require any extra work. Select ISO 1600 and you’ll notice luminance noise starts to