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The best kitchen tools to seriously improve your cooking

It's time to upgrade all the tools you got when moving into your first apartment. Here's where to start.
Upgrade your kitchen essentials.
Upgrade your kitchen essentials. (Nick Fewings via Unsplash/)

Stop letting your avocados go bad. Stop making messes transporting your chopped ingredients to the stovetop. Stop almost slicing your knuckles while chopping onions. Stop losing pieces of penne while straining your pasta. There are things out there in world to help you with your kitchen annoyances. It's time to upgrade the essentials from your college years.

A flexible cutting board makes it easier to transfer items you've chopped to bowls, pans, or plates.
A flexible cutting board makes it easier to transfer items you've chopped to bowls, pans, or plates. (Amazon/)

While the top of this 14 x 11-inch cutting board is oak or walnut, the bottom is made of non-slip silicone. The combo makes the board bendable, which is great for putting chopped veggies in a pan without a major spill. It is not dishwasher safe

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