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So what would you buy? The way I approached this feature was an imagined scenario about walking into a Ducati dealership and trying to choose between the Monster 1200 (list £11,995) and Scrambler 1100 Sport (list £12,455). Although to test we actually ended up with the 1200S (£14,895), the extra money coming from having Öhlins suspension and a quickshifter, though still the same 147bhp engine.

The Scrambler 1100 Sport, billed by Ducati as ‘the sportiest Scrambler ever’ has 86bhp, considerably less than the Monster, but in the real world more than enough. Just to put that into perspective, the super sports Ducati 748 made 87bhp, the 916 109bhp. So although the Scrambler sounds tame, it really isn’t. While the Monster produces stupid power.

Looking through the Ducati sales specs and prices, perhaps we should have compared the standard 1200 with the Scrambler, or even the 821 Monster, as it closes the price gap. But if I’m going to buy one, what would I plump for? I know I’d be swayed by the promise of a quickshifter, Öhlins suspension and those nice red bits on the wheels…

And as I have had an 800 Scrambler in the past, which I thoroughly enjoyed, if I was going to buy one, it’d be the 1100 Scrambler I’d be looking at,

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