Jamie Ducharme’s Nov. 4 feature on the first African-American face-transplant recipient—and how his case could change the whole health care system—sparked a larger discussion on Twitter about racial inequities in American medicine. “When people ask

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Olivia Colman dons The Crown
IN THE 1960S, AS THE BRITISH ECONOMY stagnated and youth movements raged against the establishment, the royal family started to worry. How long could a largely ornamental monarchy keep justifying its tax-supported existence to its broke, disaffected
TIME3 min de lecture
Kanye West Seeks Salvation
“THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS ARE ALWAYS beside the darkest,” Kanye West intoned on his 2018 album Ye. The line more or less summed up West’s career: he’s consistently excelled while wrestling with dualities—of faith and temptation, high art and smut,
TIME4 min de lecture
Put Your Faith In Science
Are genetically modified crops safe to eat? Is climate change an emergency? Why are vaccinations necessary? Every day we face questions that implicate scientific claims. Many of these issues have become politically polarized, with people rejecting sc