Keep Antartica on Ice

UMANS WERE NOT AROUND TO SEE ANTARCTICA in the good times, tens of millions of years ago, when it was home to palms and baobab trees, reptiles and marsupials. It had some of the same mountains it has today, some of the same valleys and inlets. But it didn’t have the

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National Collegiate Athletic Association president Mark Emmert told the New York Times on May 8 that he would now recommend that colleges enact rules allowing student athletes to accept endorsement deals, in the face of new laws in Florida, Alabama,
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Age of Cecil Lockhart when he died on May 4. Lockhart’s liver was later donated to a woman in her 60s, making him the oldest organ donor in U.S. history Amount of COVID-19 stimulus funding (about $225,000) spent by a Japanese fishing port on a large
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U.S. oil flow held hostage THE LATEST IN A STRING OF HIGH-PROFILE INCIDENTS THAT have exposed critical vulnerabilities in America’s infrastructure systems, a May 7 cyberattack on a major U.S. pipeline choked off the oil supply to much of the East Coa