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This energizing breakfast recipe from Dr. Hyman’s new cookbook, Food: What the Heck will keep you revved from daybreak to lunch.

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Clean Eating3 min de lectureNutrition
Keto, Pegan & Ketotarian: What Does It All Mean?
Q: What’s the difference between the pegan diet and Ketotarian? A: Both diets are essentially plant-based eating plans, but their emphasis is different. The Ketotarian diet is first and foremost a ketogenic diet with a strong bias towards plant-based
Clean Eating1 min de lecture
The Mechanics Of Cravings
The belief that everything tastes better when you’re hungry may have some credence. Scientists in Japan have pinpointed circuits in the brain that increase preference for sweets and reduce aversion to bitter flavors when hunger strikes – a great surv
Clean Eating1 min de lecture
Stay Ahead of Sick Days
You may think that the worst of flu season is behind us, but according to the CDC, the virus rears its ugly head nearly as often in March as it does in January. The good news: If you’ve gone keto, you may have a leg up. A Yale study found the diet ac