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Letter from the Founder

may be in grave danger of segueing off my chosen path, smashing through the guardrail and careening down the sheer and precarious cliff of hypocrisy with what I’m about to say. But certain recent occurrences in my life have left me feeling extremely wary about luxury objects and their capacity to seduce. From the beginning, the objective of this magazine was to discuss suits, cars and mechanical watches based not on what they represent sociologically — because far too often they are wielded as aggressive symbols of affluence — but because whether it’s that Patek Philippe chronograph, Joe Morgan suit or Riva yacht, some brilliant and talented human beings have spent

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The Rake8 min de lecture
The Sunlit Upland
A mong the intriguing historical what-ifs — suppose Archduke Franz Ferdinand had decided to bypass Sarajevo that day? Suppose Hitler’s early watercolours had received such praise that he’d opted for the quiet life as a Sunday painter? — one is especi
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The National Treasure
It takes something special to become known by the definite article. Frank Sinatra, a flawed human being but the interpreter nonpareil of the Great American Songbook, was known as The Voice. His dulcet-ness encompassed the brittle dreams, secret longi
The Rake4 min de lecture
Letter From The Founder
For the majority of my life I’ve been underestimated. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I vividly recall, when I was a child, my grandmother inviting a fortune teller to divine the potential trajectory of my life. In particular, I remember th