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Darkroom-inspired toning

Photography as we know it actually started with no colour. A lot of experimenting took place to find things that allowed light to record onto a medium. That medium could have been glass, tin or paper. Even when the breakthrough was made and silver nitrate give us true black-and-white, it wasn’t without issue – the resulting prints faded over time.

The solution

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Sigma Takes The Top Spot
The newest kid on the block, Sigma’s 85mm DN Art lens for Sony E and Leica L-Mount mirrorless cameras faces some stiff competition. It wins out in style, with terrific build quality and refined handling, as well as spectacular image quality. It’s lig
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Texture And Detail
WATCH THE VIDEO! FILE & VIDEO Regardless of the subject, detail – or the lack of it – is an important element of a photograph. But when you’re focusing on abstract images and those that feature interesting textures, w
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Canon RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM £669/$599
Lens mount Canon RF The RF 85mm f/1.2 lens and its DS (Defocus Smoothing) edition are Canon’s top dogs for portraiture, but the prices are way out of range for most of us. The f/2 lens is much smaller and is less than a quarter of the price. Smart fe