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will tell you that every guy needs a primary-care provider—a trusted physician who knows you, knows that your dad had a heart attack at age 40, helps you figure out how to tweak your life according to your health history… and heck, knows your name without

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Fake Blood: The Positives And Negatives
Hemopure starts with hemoglobin that’s extracted from bovine red blood cells and then purified and formulated in a salt solution. Only a small portion of the cow blood goes into the product formulation; it takes slightly more than two pints to make a
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Hard Seltzer Rules
ON A SNOWY DAY in January, two representatives for Anheuser-Busch InBev gathered around a wooden table inside the company’s massive innovation brewery in Baldwinsville, a small town in upstate New York. Each swirled a tall glass filled with a modest
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Meanwhile, On Instagram…
@ImSebastianStan Thank you @menshealthmag for featuring me on your Jan/Feb 2020 cover. Guess I’ll have to try and keep this up in the newyear!? This was one of my all-time favorite shoots… Michelle Monaghan, @michellemonaghan (Mission: Impossible and