Astrologer Chani Nicholas On Why More People Are Turning To Astrology

Astrology is increasingly popular among millennials.
A meteor streaks through the night sky over Myanmar during the Geminid meteor shower seen from Wundwin township near Mandalay city. (Ye Aung Thu/AFP via Getty Images)

Missed your flight? Mixed messages with your boss? Just having one those weeks? It used to be called “bad luck,” but today you’re more likely to hear someone blame it on “Mercury retrograde.” 

Mercury retrograde, which scientifically refers to the three-week period when Mercury appears to go in reverse as it surpasses Earth’s orbit around the sun, has become imbued with this cultural meaning because of the rising popularity of astrology. 

Long relegated to the annals of the “Age of Aquarius” generation, astrology is back in vogue and in particular among millennials. According

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