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Coyote ugly

Each year in Alberta, Canada, Scott Newstead and his friends play a game in preparation for the long, harsh winter to come. Their mission is to find a daily driver to get them through to spring. “It’s kind of a test to see how much poverty you are willing to endure,” Scott says. Points are awarded for eccentricity and dilapidation.

Scott is a serial rescuer of post-war metal doomed for the crusher. His yard is lined with humble, base model cars up to 1960. “It’s a one-to-one scale diorama of an abandoned, Sixties used-car lot,” Scott jokes. They serve as the backdrop for his anarchic YouTube channel, Cold War Motors. Think Frank Zappa and Hunter S Thompson wielding spanners. “Most people don’t get it,” he freely admits.

You could say the same for the Frazer. Born long before Detroit’s ‘Forward Look’, sleek it is not. From any angle you might call

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The Classic American blue pages are filling up fast, so if you or your club have an event scheduled for this year, make sure you either send them in by mail to Classic American, PO Box 99, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 6LZ or email them to: email@clas
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Scale Autos
The Fifties era Ford and Chevrolet half ton pickup trucks are so popular over here that one tends to forget that Dodge also produced a fine range of light commercials during this period. As a fan of the Oxford Diecast Ltd. range of HO scale American