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The race to become the next president has been unprecedented in the history of American politics. It’s chaotic; it’s overcrowded; it’s confusing. But it’s also an exciting time in our country, with candidates proposing bold initiatives asking us to rethink the very foundations of our society. Are we ready for guaranteed healthcare? Paid parental leave? Subsidized childcare for all? To help you sort out how those questions will affect working parents in the years to come, Working Mother asked the candidates for their positions on a host of issues. Here’s who they are, how they answered, and who’s worth parents’ contributions and votes.


editors and the Working Mother Research Institute joined forces to create a questionnaire that solicited candidates’ positions on issues that matter to working parents. Their answers were scored based on how much of a positive impact enacting new or changing existing policies would make on working parents’ lives. The eight candidates profiled here, appearing in alphabetical order,

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