Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

The cult of Elsie!

You can’t help but notice that we have a certain theme running through parts of this issue.

If you’re of a certain age, ride bikes (we guess you do) and went through puberty in the late 1970s, you’ll recognise our cover star as up there with Debbie Harry in the lust-worthy stakes.

Yamaha’s RD350LC and subsequent models/ family members really did change

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min de lecture
The Way We Were… Day
Shaun Donovan says: “I literally found this bike covered in straw and chicken sh*t! I paid £300 and started working on it. New tyres, exhaust, cleaned the chicken crap out of the carbs and named it ‘Friday Night’ because I was always out on Friday ni
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics3 min de lecture
The Latest Riding Kit, Top Tools, Tyres, Retro Clothing And More!
A great bit of casual riding summer kit, the new and improved Super Hoodie 2 is perfect for both on and off the bike. Protection comes in the form of reinforced Aramid areas as well as an Aramid lining and CEapproved protectors in the shoulder and el
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min de lecture
Retro Spective Ducati 748
‘Small ones are more juicy’ was a daft TV advert for Outspan oranges back in the early 1980s, but it could equally be applied to Ducati’s amazing 748… Because, many who rode both machines really did feel that the smaller capacity L-twin from Bologna