With the engine now back in the frame, the final stage of the preservation can commence. At the moment everything may look rather odd because though everything is clean there will be some marks on some of the paintwork. This may be where something has rubbed over the years or where a floor runner has stained the paint for instance. Don’t worry about it too much because when it’s all back together you will hardly notice it. Also remember, because of the age of your Lambretta, it’s bound to have some marks on it. If it was too perfect then it would look odd.

Tank and airbox

Start off by refitting the toolbox, petrol tank and airbox in that order. This should be fairly straightforward without any issues. Take care of the petrol tank and make sure it is back in the correct position. Before fully tightening up the straps, check the petrol tap is in place. You can now fit the petrol tap rod and look to see it doesn’t stick out too far from the frame. It should go back in the correct position but

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Owner Details
Name: Peter Martin. Job: Builder. Scooter club & town: Cheadle Scooter Club, Staffordshire. First interest in scooters: 1979; through following The Jam, The Who and Northern Soul music. First scooter: Vespa P200E. Favourite style of custom scoot
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Thorougbred La M3 Retta
Quite often, cars that are purely made for racing are those that inspire and create the most excitement. They have only one function though – to race around a circuit. The common saloon car is something completely different in that it is intended to
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Lambretta Gearing... Simplified!
The Lambretta engine is a simple but ingenious design. It's neat, compact, and when you think about it ... not only does it house a chain drive but also a four-speed gearbox (now five-speed in some cases). To get all this in such a small area was qui