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has recovered from the busy Christmas and New Year celebrations. I always find it creeps up so fast every year and it’s then a mad rush to get everything organised. For those who bought or received a new motorcycle from

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Australian Motorcyclist9 min de lecture
Come Join Me
EVERY NOW AND THEN, you read or see something and the Choir Invisible commences singing in the background. That something is something that you really, really must get to know, or have or experience. The prime example in my life, where motorcycling i
Australian Motorcyclist6 min de lecture
HAVING PROMISED to build a round-the-world (rtw) bike, I fortunately did not have to look far to find the platform. A BMW F 750 GS suggested itself both because I like it – not least because it is relatively light -- but also because I was pretty sur
Australian Motorcyclist1 min de lecture
Watch ‘em!
Caution:With their fields and paddocks completely burnt out, many graziers have pushed their cattle onto the ‘long paddock’ to search for feed. Between Tumbarumba and Tintaldra I encountered three separate mobs. These beasts are now very comfortable