f you believe what Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch say, there is joy to be found in tidying up. But we’re the first to say that cleaning isn’t for everyone: after all, there are plenty of things we’d rather be doing on a Sunday than washing windows. Apparently not everyone feels that way, as there’s a growing number of people who

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Hot 100
Talk about hot… Get ready to learn a whole lot more about our sun, as the European Space Agency’s instrument-packed orbiter is set to take a peek at its poles and learn more about the way that big ball of gas operates. Interesting, but also a crucial
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Duncan Bell Is Past Imperfect
Usually in this column – and my day-to-day life – I cover a diverse range of topics. There’s moaning about modern technology and moaning about how tech things ain’t like they used to be. Well, this time out, I am completely ‘flipping the script’, as
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Laidback Tailoring
Lightweight and breathable, Canali’s take on relaxed tailoring looks smart with chinos and will see you straight through from the office to date night. £235, mrporter.com Smarten up in a jiffy with Barena’s textured blazer, wearing it over crew neck