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BRITISH MOTORCYCLE RACING legend Colin Seeley has died at the age of 84.

Starting out as an apprentice mechanic at 14, he started his own business at 18 and was an AJS dealer at 20. He then began racing, coming sixth in the TT in 1961 on a

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Classic Bike Guide3 min de lecture
This Month’s Witterings
UNLIKE MOST, I LIKE MONDAYS. I GET to read the various club mags that have come through, I may even peek through a rival mag or two, and then start on my chores. This week was the turn of ‘Horizontal View’, the mag of the Cossack Owners’ Club, and it
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Frank Westworth
MY PAL – ONE OF THEM – SHAMBLED OVER earlier today as I was doing manly things, like shopping in the supermarket. It’s not easy, but it must be done. Engine oil is sometimes very affordable, you know. Anyway, my pal, who we’ll call Steve to protect t
Classic Bike Guide3 min de lecture
Project Triumph Trackmaster
WHERE DOES THE IDEA FOR A new project come from? Often it’s something you see, or maybe it stems from a want, or a dream. What so often puts us off the idea are the pragmatic basics – how do I do it? How much will it cost? Can I finish it? And so oft