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ONE TO TRY Dream peppers

Itend to prefer the larger sweet peppers such as ‘King of the North’ and ‘California Wonder’ but last year I tried out a new variety (courtesy of Marshalls Seeds) which produces much smaller fruits, a snacker pepper in fact.

Though ‘Lemon Dream’ and ‘Tangerine Dream’ are essentially sweet peppers they

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May Tips
■ To keep your greenhouse or polytunnel well stocked with a mixture of your favourite vegetables through the growing season, it’s a good idea to start a selection of young plants off in small pots. As soon as you clear one crop, you can pop these pla
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Some Like It Hot
Cherry tomatoes are quick growing. For sweetness sow ‘Sungold’. Alternatively grow a meaty beef tomato; cut into thick steaks and serve with sliced red onion and sea salt.  Choose a heavily ribbed variety such as ‘Romanesco’. Pick the fruits young a
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Here We Go Round The Mulberry Tree
For many, a large part of the attraction of growing fruit is not only the delicious produce, but the sense of history that comes with it. Plant a ‘Court Pendu Plat’ apple and you can enjoy biting into the very same fruit as the Romans who introduced