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Regular readers will know that most months I emphasise flavour over everything else. I try and recommend the best varieties, and pass on the best advice on pruning and growing so that you can grow the highest quality fruit that tastes delicious. This month, for a change, we are going to look at producing the best-looking fruit – in particular, fruit that

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Ones To Try
‘ALL GREEN BUSH’: This dark green skinned variety will produce succulent courgettes thoughout the season – just pick regularly to ensure a steady crop. (Kings Seeds) ‘BOLDENICE F1’: These round courgettes can be harvested when about golf-ball size, o
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Our Plotter Of The Month
Natalie and her family grow veg in their garden and also have a small community plot. For Natalie the plot is an escape from the pressures of work and running a household, and away to connect to nature. Where do you grow your veg? When we moved here
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