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NEW Self-Repairing Suit

Are you sick of holes in your clothes? This new fabric repairs itself! If this cloth gets a hole, just rub the spot briskly. Heat from the rubbing will coax the fibers to link up again, sealing the hole. Hole? What hole?

Kevlar to the

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Time To...Estivate?
Hot, dry weather can also make food hard to find. Estivation is hibernation in a hot climate. Animals that estivate lower their breathing and heart rate and don’t eat, just like hibernators. In Australia, burrowing frogs estivate underground until th
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My Bad Dream Week
OK, I should not have watched Blood-Sucking Vampire Eels from Space right before bed. I just woke everyone up screaming, convinced that giant fanged space eels were crawling up all over my bed. Since my brother’s up anyway, I made him check under th