First People

Before Americans, before Mexicans, before Spaniards, different indigenous groups claimed the Southwest as their home. Take a look.

The Hopis

Located in northeastern Arizona, the Hopis are a group of Pueblo Indians. They live in

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Cobblestone2 min de lecturePolitics
Greensboro FOUR
Four Black college students entered a Woolworth’s store in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1960. They sat down at the lunch counter and ordered food. As expected, the waitress refused to serve them. That simple act set the stage for student activism f
Cobblestone1 min de lectureDiscrimination & Race Relations
Daisy Bates and her husband owned and published a civil rights newspaper in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the 1940s. The paper, the Arkansas State Press, became a voice for civil rights in the decade before the modern civil rights movement began. It shin
Cobblestone2 min de lectureAmerican Government
Little Rock NINE
Elizabeth Eckford thought the soldiers at Central High School would protect her. But on September 4, 1957, the soldiers raised their guns and pointed them at her. They refused to let Elizabeth enter the school. Like many places in the South, Little R