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Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Florence and Richard Atwater

A house painter named Mr. Popper dreams of being an Antarctic explorer. When he gets a penguin, his dream comes true. Soon one penguin turns into two, and soon a dozen penguins are in the household. It’s too expensive to take

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Cricket Magazine7 min de lecture
From Slave to Congressman
AT THREE O’CLOCK on the morning of May 13, 1862, Robert Smalls, an enslaved man working for the Confederate army, risked his life and those of his crew and family. He ordered the sidewheel steamer known as the Planter to fire up its boilers. Robert h
Cricket Magazine8 min de lecture
The Letter box
Dear Cricket, I have read your magazine many times and I love it! It makes me happy when it comes in the mail. I am legally blind and cannot see as well as others, but that’s OK, because I am still very smart. My type of blindness is caused by albini
Cricket Magazine6 min de lecture
The Human Zamboni
I SKATED TO center ice, set my toe pick to anchor me to the spot, and posed in the opening attitude of my program—hands on hips, eyes tilted up to look at the hockey banners hanging from the ice arena’s grimy ceiling. I smiled playfully as part of th