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Maestro Echoplex

randed as the “Maestro” Echoplex after its distributor, this seminal tape-echo device was developed by Mike Battle and Don Dixon after a design created by Ray Butts, whose tape-based echo had featured in a guitar amp called the Echosonic, favored by Elvis Presley’s guitarist Scotty Moore (“Mystery Train”) and Sam Phillips. The Echosonic was never produced in any great numbers, but it did help to shape the burgeoning

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Electronic Musician5 min de lecture
Zenith $79
audiaire.com + Design and sequence your own custom controller sets!+ Great sequencer workflow and features+ LFOs, envelope and note modifiers+ SysEx support for many synths - Maximum of 24 controllers- Faders take up two grid slots- Sequenced control
Electronic Musician1 min de lecture
Ska & Rocksteady $45
The brassy honk and bassy grooves of this vintage sounding pack will have’em running to the dancefloor, and spilling their Red Stripe with a smile on their faces. This skanking sample set channels the vibes of everyone from the Skatalites to the Spec
Electronic Musician1 min de lecture
Electronic Musician
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