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K-Board Pro 4 MIDI Controller

$895 street (hard case +$100) keithmcmillen.com

Jon is a singer, songwriter and pianist from New York City, and the Editor of Keyboard keyboardmag.com

here’s no denying, it has to be admitted that MPE controllers have often scared me away in the past. As a “meat and potatoes” piano, Wurlitzer and organ guy, I’ve never been particularly drawn to alternative keyboard options. But as many of my fellow keyboard journeyman have been swayed to add MPE controllers to their touring rigs (like Andy Burton from Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul), I

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Source Audio C4
The guitar synthesizer has had a fraught relationship with players. Tracking issues and sonic fashion has limited interest in the past. Today, the sheer number of products on the market dedicated to making your guitar sound like a synthesizer is a fi
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Sound Design: Saturation And Wavefolding
Francis Preve is one of the industry’s most prolific sound designers. Find out more at francispreve.com Distortion and overdrive are normally considered the domain of guitarists (and 303 lovers), but in the context of sound design, they can be a trul
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Changing Tides, Changing Times
As a means of understanding just what a potential minefield mastering is today, consider the requirements of mastering’s role during the CD era. The music industry in those pre-internet days was a much smaller place, with an emphasis placed on ‘high