Dear Kylie

This month, Kylie corresponds with Sofia, a 15-year-old from the Canadian province of Quebec. French is the most widely spoken language in the province. In 1995, the people of Quebec voted to become independent from Canada. It was a very close vote, but the referendum failed, and Quebec remained a province. However, the Canadian government passed a resolution recognizing Quebec as a “distinct society” within Canada. Read along with Sofia and Kylie as they talk about going to school and learning different languages.

Dear Sofia,

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Faces4 min de lecture
What if Easter preparations meant dyeing sand, collecting pine needles, and staying up all night to work on an art project that you knew would be ruined the very next day? Well, welcome to Guatemala’s Semana Santa, or Holy Week. Semana Santa is the b
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High Five
1 Despite its name, Central America is geographically the southernmost part of North America. It is located between Mexico and South America. It also makes up most of the isthmus that separates the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. 2 The ancient
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3 Countries , 1 Biosphere
The Trifinio Fraternidad Biosphere Reserve is located at a spot where El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras converge. A biosphere is the layer of planet Earth where life exists. The three countries intersect in an area of the biosphere called the Mont